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How It Works

You will select a tribe of players before the season starts. Each episode, your players will earn points in the categories of Challenges, Strategy, and Storytelling (details in the table below). The tribe that racks up the most points over the course of the season wins!

Point Values

Name Value Description Category
Finds Idol/Advantage 5 Hidden or at a challenge Challenge
No Clue used to Find Idol/Adv 2 Doesn't count for idol/adv at challenge Challenge
Finds Clue to Idol/Adv 1 Found a clue Challenge
Reward Challenge Win - 1st Tribe/Team 3 1st place Challenge
Reward Challenge Win - 2nd Tribe/Team 2 2nd place when 3 or more tribes exist Challenge
Reward Challenge - Individual 5 Player wins individual reward Challenge
Reward Challenge - Picked 1 Picked to go on a reward Challenge
RI Duel - 1st Place 3 1st in Redemption Island duel or similar Challenge
RI Duel - 2nd Place 2 2nd in RI duel or similar, if 3 or more are competing. Challenge
Exile Island or Similar 2 Exile, Island of the Idols, etc. Challenge
Immunity Challenge - 1st Tribe 4 1st place tribe Challenge
Immunity Challenge - 2nd Tribe 3 2nd place tribe when 3 or more are playing Challenge
Immunity Challenge - 3rd Tribe 2 3rd place tribe when 4 or more are playing Challenge
Immunity Challenge - Individual 8 Individual Immunity win Challenge
Immunity Challenge - Consecutive 1 Wins back-to-back immunity challenges Challenge
Re-enters Game 3 From RI, EoE, or similar, after being voted out. Challenge
F4 Fire Making Challenge - Win 2 Wins final 4 fire making challenge or any fire making tie breaker at TC Challenge
Fan Favorite Award 5 Wins Fan Favorite Challenge
Has Idol/Advantage at Start of Episode 2 Counts even after Final 5, if still in the game, even though it can't be played Strategic
Makes Fake Idol 5 Regardless if it is played or not. Strategic
Plays Advantage 4 Plays an advantage for self or others Strategic
Plays Idol - Self 4 Plays an idol for themselves Strategic
Plays Idol - Other 5 Plays an idol for someone else Strategic
Idol/Adv Saves Them 3 If they are saved from going home because of the idol/adv Strategic
Goes to TC - Safe 1 Safe when going to TC Strategic
Right Side of Vote - 1st vote 3 Votes correctly on first vote for the player that goes home Strategic
Right Side of Vote - Revote 2 Votes correctly on a revote, if didn't vote correctly on first vote Strategic
Rock Draw - TC - Safe 4 doesn't go home but either draws a rock or is immune Strategic
Rock Draw - TC - Goes Home 3 goes home on a rock draw Strategic
Makes Jury 2 Player is on the jury Strategic
First Boot 3 Player is the first booted from the season. Strategic
Makes FTC 7 Makes Final Tribal Council, as a player still in the game Strategic
Wins Season 20 Winner of the season Strategic
Votes for Winner 3 Player votes for the winner of the season Strategic
Votes Cancelled 1 Point for each vote cancelled by Idol or Adv. Goes to who played the Idol/adv Strategic
Alliance Points - 8 or more strength 3 3 points Strategic
Alliance Points - 6 or 7 strength 2 2 points Strategic
Alliance Points - lower that 6 1 1 point Strategic
Social Points 2 positive social tribe event Strategic
Negative Social Points -1 negative tribe event Strategic
Voted out with Idol/Adv -1 leave game with idol/adv in pocket Strategic