To access a completed or legacy league, click the Completed menu option, from the Leagues menu.

This performs exactly like the in progress leagues, with all the same information. For older leagues, which are considered the archived leagues, you only get the final leaderboard. Edige of Extinction was the first league to be held on the current version of the website.

Here is an example of what you see for an archived league. These leagues are different because they were leagues that were ran before the current form of the website. If you played in on of the leagues, but the name isn't associated with your account, you can claim it.

To claim the name, click the Claim link under username. In order to claim it, you must enter the email address used for this league.

Completed leagues

The only difference on completed leagues to in progress leagues, is medals are shown in the list, which relate to the Hall of Fame.

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