The Support Us menu gives you links to ways that you can help offset the costs to run the site. It costs a couple hundred dollars a year for the hosting and all the leagues (other than premium/fundraiser leagues) are free to play in.

  • Amazon - Using this link to get to Amazon to do your shopping will give us a small percentage of the sale and not cost you any extra.
  • Become a Patron - Patreon allows you to contribute a monthly amount to keep the site running and improving.
  • PayPal - Using this link will allow you to send us a one time or recurring gift, via PayPal.
  • Pure Vitamin Club - This is an affiliate program to the best vitamins on the market. They don't use any crap fillers like a lot of vitamins do.
  • Select Music Library - If you have the need to use music online as part of video or many other uses, this is a great company to use. This is an affiliate link that will help me out.
  • NSNG Foods - This is a great source for low carb foods. Right now they only offer a couple nut butters, but they will be expanding. No crap fillers and just pure energy in a packet. Using this link gets us a percentage of the sale, again at no additional cost to you.

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